Food for Good Documentary

The documentary, “Food for Good” is part of a graduate project titled: “Producing a Documentary Film on Dish-ability, a Local Organization, to Examine the Conversation Surrounding Empowering People with Disabilities in Butte, Montana” by Emmy L. Keenan, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science Technical Communication at Montana Technological University, Spring 2020. “Food for Good” employs the core competencies of Technical Communication and uses documentary filmmaking to examine the conversation surrounding people with disabilities.

People with disabilities are underrepresented, both in media and real life. Historically, they haven’t always been portrayed accurately and ethically on screen. In everyday life, they are sometimes overlooked, especially when it comes to the workforce. “Food for Good” follows the Dish-ability food truck in Butte, Montana, to tell the story of how one organization can impact the lives, community, and conversation surrounding empowering people with disabilities.

Master of Science Technical Communication Graduate Project
January 2020

Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 5D Mark III
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Other equipment include tripods, mounted camera monitors, audio kits, and a DJI Steadicam. For lighting, I used a C-stand kit and a portable light kit. The light kit consisted of two fluorescent lights mounted on the C-stands.